Although every New Yorker has heard of Park Avenue in Manhattan, and has perhaps even walked along it, many of them probably have no idea the extensive history behind this well-recognized thoroughfare. Prior to 1887, Park Avenue did not exist and instead this now sought over street was known as Fourth Avenue. The name Park Avenue derives from the garden malls that, although at times inconsistently, run down the center of avenue. What some may not know is why these “parks” exist in the first place. Before Park Avenue was a recognizable name, the street was sought after because of its wider than average width due to the avenue having been a thoroughfare to steam locomotives. Because of a series of accidents and urging from the City, the locomotives that once ran along the street were moved below street level in 1872. In order to mask the unsightly, noxious smelling steam vents that ran down the middle of the streets, garden mall spaces were built and planted with greenery.

The Resource Referral Service links inquiries related to neighborhood improvement, community revitalization, and historic preservation to the organizations, institutions and individuals that can assist. We have just added a few case studies of recent uses of the database to connect individuals to information about protecting culturally-significant places, technical services, and green retrofitting. The database was custom-designed with May First Technology Collective.

Neighborhood Preservation Center was kindly invited by the Village Alliance to take part in their Positively 8th Street Fair on two Saturdays, June 14 & 21. With lots of fun activities and other community organizations partaking in the festivities, the folks at the NPC tent got to wondering; what exactly is Positively 8th?

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This year we are honored that the St. Mark's Historic Landmark Fund received the Preservation League of New York State's prestigious Excellence in Historic Preservation Award given for notable achievements in retaining, promoting and reusing New York State's irreplaceable architectural heritage.